Aissa Joud


edited by Raffaele Loffredo

In your opinion, what are the main differences between Moroccan art and artists in the contemporary world?

For me, the difference between contemporary artists in the world, and contemporary artists in Morocco, is that contemporary artists in the world, especially in Europe and America, work on topics based on their culture, their environment and their heritage, but most contemporary Moroccan artists prefer to draw works that are not It represents a link to African, Moroccan culture and identity, they are influenced by Western art, and they try to imitate it in different ways, and there is a minority trying at least, mixing them.

I know you are a self-taught artist, tell me about your artistic path, your painting technique and how the choice of your subjects.

I come from a family of artists, I became aware of the arts from an early age. I decided

to devote myself entirely to my passion at the age of 20.

My imaginary portraits inspired by reality reveal a technical mastery of the layout and the color. my creative work, of great expression and endless perspectives invites reflection, analysis and interpretation. I'am an optimist I approaches reality from a positive and spontaneous angle.

I found my vocation in contemporary art which allows me a space of free expression,

I often work in acrylic painting and I have done mixed techniques, I try to introduce foreign materials from the board, ropes, for example, and lamps.

In your works a clash between tradition and modernity is often evident, what other themes interest you also in your future creations?

I often choose my subject according to a specific theme, relate to my childhood my memories my culture with a modern touch, and always the theme has a relation with next exhibition,

The other topics I'm working on are

Simplicity and its relationship to happiness, childhood too,

When I get involved in a childhood artwork, this makes me come back

And I live in this stage with all its feelings

The relationship of dance to physics ...

I have a bunch of themes that I keep drawing on

My future works

Most of them will be mysterious and suspicious, with hidden messages inside ....

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