Damla Yalçin


edited by Francesco Ciotola

I was here - 2017 - detail

Damla Yalçın was born in 1995 in Ankara, Turkey. 

In 2013, She graduated from the Painting Department of Ankara Anadolu Fine Arts High School. In 2017, She graduated from Marmara University with a first degree in painting. 

While attending the Erasmus program in 2016, she attended Akademia Sztuk Pieknych im. 

She had the opportunity to live and work in Wroclaw, Poland. She took part in various group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. She participated in symposiums and artist talks from different countries. 

Now She is working with KRANK Art Gallery (TR), where She opened her first solo exhibition. 

She lives and produces in Istanbul.

I was here - 2017 - detail

Damla Yalçın presents a synthesis of her memories and dreams through a phenomenological approach focused on the inner value of the interior. 

She sheds light on her personal memory through embroidery, which is also based on her own story.

Focusing on dreams about home through an approach that is heedful of the agreement of memory and dream so as not to disturb it, the artist touches the poetic foundations of spaces with her poetic images rather than memories. 

She places objects that are the embodiments of accumulated emotions in her spaces.

Inserting herself into the images she creates, in which the starting points are her old photographs, the artist transforms the rooms, where her eternalized moment of waiting occurs, into places of spectacle where memory and fantasizing merge.

I was here - 2017 - detail

The most precious virtue of the house is that it accommodates fantasizing; it allows accumulating and preserving the past, the future, and the present. 

As the places we have inhabited in the past are not destroyed and perished within ourselves, we could relive the memories of our old rooms in the form of fantasies. 

All the spaces of our past solitude, the places where we have suffered loneliness, and the places where we have enjoyed being on our own, remain intact in ourselves. 

Every corner in a room where two walls meet, the nooks that we choose to enfold ourselves, are forms reminiscent of loneliness in our imagination. 

The home where the artist was alone, the room, the window front and the corners of the room, offer her the framework to fantasize, and she can only finalize and complete this fantasy by virtue of the artworks that she presents through poetic images. 

These images by the artist, invite the viewers, residing in their own corners, to explore each and every detail to be able to breath life into this fantasy. 

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