Dicle Ciftci


edited by Francesco Ciotola

Unreasonable beauty/acceptable uglyness

A bittersweet happiness where we can't feel beautiful enough, and where we try to be beautiful just enough for ourselves.

Ugliness just enough to gain acceptance by everyone...

"Beauty is, in some ways, boring. Even if its concept changes through the ages, nevertheless a beautiful object must always follow certain rules... Ugliness is unpredictable and offers an infinite range of possibilities. Beauty is finite. Ugliness is infinite, like God."

Umberto Eco

The stereotyped beauty perception that we have been exposed to and affected by and that gained a place in our lifes since early ages, has made us be in search for physical changes trying to become others rather than the characteristics that make us ourselves.

That oppression especially exposed to women has gained it's place in our lifes before we even notice and made us dissatisfied with ourselves. According to this perception nowadays we have accepted the fact that women should look flawless and should be shaped accordingly. The "flaws" that a human can confront about their look appear on these portraits. Most of their psychological conflict and tensions reflect on their expressions. When women reveal their body they can't satisfy the emotions that can't make sense of and their body put them to shame. The main purpose here is never to prioritize ugliness but to question of the beauty.

Dicle Çiftçi was born in 1989 and lives in İzmir. She is graduated from painting from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts faculty.

Nowadays we face a lot of pressure on female body such as stereo-typification in media and other areas. The exposed and commodified female body sells more and it being watched by females normalises the situation. 

In reality what makes a woman different is her imperfections. 

This is the main reason that I chose untraditional beauty standards, characteristic figures, ignoring the rule that society has that women should be perfect.

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Dicle Ciftci