Intangible and Performance Art


edited by Santiago Caprio

Into a specific location in space

Tangible Art: Art as a tangible object we understand and perceive as that artist's final product. Can be seen, felt and interpreted by human senses. It is tangible because in the beginning it's just a cognitive project exists, but cannot judge or analyze it until it is finished and displayed by the artist and takes a location in space. When a work "is" then becomes vulnerable, here is presented to the spectator.

Intangible and Performance Art: The intangible underlies the social fact and is through the action that becomes visible materializing in lifestyles, customs, works, songs, dances, being the subject, the bearer of such a condition as creator and artist. In English performance means any public presentation, to denote different kinds of live art and performance art. The performance must be unique and not reproducible, produced in a neutral place, no matter where, in a waiting room and in the metro, in a gallery as in a garage, on the street, etc.

Woman-Man's expression: expression is called the manifestation of desires, thoughts and emotions of a person. By extension commonly used to refer to any type of event or phenomenon caused by another.

Art, whether tangible or intangible, is a means of expression. All these desires, thoughts or emotions, even the most terrible nightmares or totally unreal realities creations can be reality to translate it into the work the artist creates.

In this case, the short film (2018) is titled after the Japanese (海の女) word -AMA- for "woman of the sea" and devoted to all the women in the world. It is an underwater Intangible and Performance Art dance where Julie Gautier uses her skills and creativity to capture the magic of the world below the surface.

Over this stunningly beautiful 6-minute dance, Julie glides effortlessly and fluidly through the crystal-clear, calm water like a ballerina in slow motion inside the swimming pool, holding her breath the entire time to give us a cognitive project exists, but cannot judge or analyze it until it is finished and displayed by the artist and takes a specific location in space

It is truly deserving to be seen, her expression is a real manifestation of desires, and what she did in 20 feet of water is incredibly difficult as the video was shot in one single take, and not once did Julie surface to catch her breath.