Kiki Klimt - Arkanum


edited by Francesco Ciotola

Kiki Klimt graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1997, three years later she finished a master's degree in sculpture, and in 2009 a doctorate in art. She is lecturing at the Arthouse Ljubljana and as a guest lecture on Miman Sinar Fine Arts University in Istanbul, on National Academy of Fine arts in Sofia, IADE in Lisbon and attended many conferences and symposiums.

Her works are present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zadar, Split, Genova, Zagreb, Ljubljana, ... She has published nine authors books for children and illustrated many more.

She has been creating in various media: painting, sculpture, installation, performance, conceptual projects, photography, interior design, graphic design and illustration. She has always been moved by the objectivity of visual language and its connection with the deepest human desire to communicate. After many years of intensive and in-depth research, she realised that her medium can be everything used to narrate and arise in people the exact feeling. For the past seven years she has returned to the roots of her artistic education, to her original love - painting.

To made Arkanum serial Kiki Klimt has been searching for many years. In ancient pictures, sculptures, architecture and scripts, reading myths and legends, books about secret knowledge written by wise men, mystics, prophets and saints. She has been searching in illuminations and long-forgotten symbols, in secret books and texts. After many years she was lucky enough to meet someone who has shortened her way.

The Arcanum books are made to help them on their search for Love.
 ARKANUM is a graphic novel about the quest for Love. 

A contemporary story in seven books, based on mystic knowledge from the ancient civilisations of the World.

In these crazy times of contemporary living we are left alone in our unhappy little worlds without meaning. Love is the answer to all the problems of humankind, so Kiki Klimt decided to put it in a form of a serial of seven graphic novels to tell people what is important and how to find it. The Arkanum is a serial of educational graphic novels about the relationship between a man and a woman, made for the contemporary man. It is a visual story about the search for love and Love. The original story is based on pearls of ancient wisdom from different cultures. All spiritual teachings around the world are telling us the same; the true happiness of mankind is in uniting our being in one complete human being through different aspects of self-development. There are different ways to find it but the most natural and efficient one is through the love relationship between two partners developing and supporting each other. "There are seven books, each telling about one aspect of developing our body, sentience and soul. I put them in the form of seven colours which represent the seven dimensions of a human. The colours are chosen by the ancient story Seven wise princesses written by a persian poet Nizami. They are black, gold (or yellow), green, red, turquoise, sandal and white. The similar colour definitions of seven dimensions can be found in other cultures. The seven books will be made in the next seven years and will guide the reader through different aspects of relationships. There are so many things that I will put in the books, so it is hard to sum them up in a few short sentences, but we will try."

First book, Black book The Valley of Quest

Patience / Saturday / Tibetan / Saturn / Dana

(132 8x16 + 4 pages); the beginning of a story between a man and a woman. They live in a city where there the only reality is the everyday work and some small pleasures in the evenings and in the weekend. The everlasting circle of solitude, meaningless relationships and passing time is a pattern that doesn't give them happiness and fulfilment. The two major characters live a casual life of a lonely human until one day something happens that shakes their lives. After that they fall in love and start to live together. As always in our life, something goes wrong. Luckily they meet an old wise woman that is willing to help. They decide to risk everything to learn how to preserve their love. They enter the land of the unknown. The first book combines two basic styles; the visual reality of the everyday life and the land of the visions.

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