Samira Soleimani


edited by Francesco Ciotola

Samira Soleimani is a professional photographer based in Tehran, Iran. 

Samira is a photographer who is committed to all the women around the world and their feelings. 

She has spent the 12 years creating scenes that show the true identity of humanity, and she is currently most passionate about the work she is going to do in the world after Covid-19.

She started as a senior photojournalist in a newspaper in Iran and turned into a professional photojournalist in different fields and media (Music & Cinema & Theater news websites.)

As time goes by, Samira has developed a unique perspective when it comes to Documentary photography. 

Influenced by the atmosphere and events that happened in her country, she aspires to show them to the world so, she started to participate in international exhibitions and photography festivals in different countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, India and other countries.

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Samira Soleimani